Will Simbol

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Will Simbol

Will Simbol comes representing his hometown of Cerritos, CA. His first experience with the Pilipino folk arts was in high school with the Club Kaibigan Dance Troupe of Southern California, and soon after had the pleasure of joining the Kayumanggi Philippine Music Ensemble. Since then, Will has enjoyed performing with RCLA around the world.

Always a proud Bruin, Will is a graduate of UCLA, earning Bachelor of Arts degrees in Ethnomusicology, and History. While at UCLA, Will performed with the gospel, Near and Middle East, and Balinese gamelan ensembles and worked with Pi de Leon in UCLA’s first Rondalla ensemble. Will also wrote and performed original music with Tinig Choral, and scored numerous musicals for the Samahang Pilipino Student Orchestra.

In 2008, Will combined his love of music and working with kids when he teamed up with the non-profit organization Search to Involve Pilipino Americans, to develop the Himig Kawayan Bamboo Orchestra as its founding instructor and director.

When not doing musical stuff, Will enjoys cooking (and the eating that comes after it). Given the chance, Will can be found surfing, kayaking, hiking, boxing, going to Disneyland, and taking his friends visit the monkeys at the zoo. He also has a very strong affinity towards animals – especially dogs, and considers most of them among his friends.

Will earned his Master’s degree in Arts in Education from Harvard in May 2011 while serving as a production and programming assistant with Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Project, and continues to explore the intersection of arts and education.

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